About Nabeshima Dantsu

Nabeshima Dantsu

Nabeshima Dantsu is a traditional cotton fabric carpet designnated as an offering to shogun family from the Nabeshima clan during the Edo era.

The tradition is herited to nowadays. Its tightly hand-knitted cotton-thread of excellent quality,using old weaving tools, presents your naked feet solid, elegant and comfortable touch.

I have self-confidence that I am one of those few artists who make the modern Nabeshima Dantsu that can match today's life style, yet maintaining the traditional feature.

Originator Kayoko Ohba

1-5-2 Chayama Fukuoka-city Fukuoka-prefecture Japan
Tama Art University, Tokyo and graduated from Design section.
Social Position
Principal of both Japan Designer Gakuin and Japan Business School.
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